Selective Hearing vs. Effective Listening

Just a thought; who among us, including myself, have been guilty of selective hearing instead of listening effectively? What I mean by that is taking the time to clearly hear the person speaking to you.

Final Justice

In October of 1983, Mr. Coggins’s mangled, tortured, & ernearly unrecognizable body was found in an open field near some power lines in Griffin. With more than thirty stab wounds to his body, he was then chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged behind it. When the sheriff’s department and the GBI received a tip about some key evidence last year, Franklin Gebhardt and William Moore Sr. were arrested and charged with murder.

Your Vote Is Your Voice

Sadly enough, the very people who complain about the state of our government are usually the ones who choose not to vote. So let your voice be loudly heard by honoring all those who came before us and labored, bled, and died for us all to perform our civic duty.

Running In Plain Sight & Other Stories: Running In Plain Sight – (FREE Chapter 1 Excerpt)

FREE book excerpt from ‘Running In Plain Sight & Other Stories’ (‘Running In Plain Sight’ – Chapter 1) by Charles R. Butts Jr. A compilation of four diverse & entertaining stories.

For Only A Season – First Day of Summer – (FREE Chapter 9 Excerpt)

June 21, 2000 Summer’s solstice heralded the arrival of summer. It was the one day of the year when the sun was farthest north of the equator, which brought to the south, down here in Alabama at least, blazing humid days and sweltering nights. The only relief we received from the stifling heat was theContinue reading “For Only A Season – First Day of Summer – (FREE Chapter 9 Excerpt)”