Fiction Ideas

Let’s discuss fiction! Fiction is my most favorite genre of literature to read and write. I love the idea of creating and structuring a story, and telling it in a manner that provokes thought. I love creating flawed characters that have worked through their problems and situations by the end of the story.

Through fiction, the reader is transported on an entertaining journey. Readers can immerse themselves within the story and live among the characters by simply using their imagination. Fiction is always entertaining and fun!

My latest novel, “Unconscionable “, is available for pre-order! Go to

Published by Author - Charles R. Butts Jr.

Entertaining and provoking thought within his readers are the main hopes former U.S. Army soldier & thirty-three year U.S. Postal Service employee Charles R. Butts Jr. has when it comes to the creation and release of his work. When he’s not reading or writing, Charles enjoys spending time with Shawanda, his wife of twenty-five years, his children Amber and Trey, and his grandchildren. He recognizes Langston Hughes, Walter Mosley, and James Baldwin as highly notable influences in the literary world.

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