Be On The Lookout

It’s even more imperative for cars, trucks, and buses to drive safely and look out for cyclists and motorcyclists. Every biker needs room to operate and have a safe ride.

Weathering These Dog Days

Heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related deaths in the U.S. causing hundreds of fatalities a year so please take the necessary precautions by keeping a close eye on our friends and family. In so doing, together we can get through the Dog Days of Summer.

The Art Of Communicating Effectively

Communicating takes place in the world every second of every day. Personally, I believe, in order to be an effective communicator, we must first be effective listeners. The art of listening is a skill we must work at and hone daily. Listeninng and truly hearing and understanding what’s being clearly conveyed to you is the main cog on the communication wheel.