The Art Of Communicating Effectively

With the month of June comes the hotter temperatures and the season of Summer. Its solstice takes place on June 21, which officially represents the first day of the Summer as well as the longest day of the year. School comes to an end for most students, and most families will take a vacation at some point.

Of all the numerous special days and weeks observed during June, I value Effective Communications Month the most. Its importance to all of us can’t be understated or undervalued, because communicating takes place in the world every second of every day. Personally, I believe, in order to be an effective communicator, we must first be effective listeners. The art of listening is a skill we must work at and hone daily. Listeninng and truly hearing and understanding what’s being clearly conveyed to you is the main cog on the communication wheel. Becoming effective and skilled listeners make us better communicators.

Communicating effectively also means being honest when giving feedback and being open to objectively receiving it. It means constructively taking the feedback from others and implementing in our daily lives to make us even better communicators. Spirited, but respective discussions will help us identify the key points that are critical to both parties clearly understanding each other.

When giving a talk or speaking to a large group of people, it’s important to first get to know the audience you’re speaking to. Clarity and respect far outweigh visual aids. Remember to stay focused and be present in the moment. Be optimistic! Being an effective communicator is an ongoing process, but patience and preparedness will earn you the respect from whomever you’re speaking to–group or individual. Lastly, no matter the audience, control your anger and keep your emotions intact. In so doing, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more effective communicator.

Published by Author - Charles R. Butts Jr.

Entertaining and provoking thought within his readers are the main hopes former U.S. Army soldier & thirty-three year U.S. Postal Service employee Charles R. Butts Jr. has when it comes to the creation and release of his work. When he’s not reading or writing, Charles enjoys spending time with Shawanda, his wife of twenty-five years, his children Amber and Trey, and his grandchildren. He recognizes Langston Hughes, Walter Mosley, and James Baldwin as highly notable influences in the literary world.

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