‘Unconscionable’ – Chapter 7 (Free Book Excerpt)

http://www.facebook.com/100012320914673/posts/1460790154341668/ Chapter 7 Excerpt of “Unconscionable.” Based on actual events, go to http://www.urbanedgepublishing.com .

‘Unconscionable’ – Chapter 5 (Free Book Excerpt)

http://www.facebook.com/100012320914673/posts/1460079681079382/ Chapter 5 Excerpt of “Unconscionable.” Now available at http://www.urbanedgepublishing.com.

FREE ‘Unconscionable’ Novel Excerpt

http://www.facebook.com/100012320914673/posts/1458723891214961/ Excerpt from “Unconscionable “, my latest novel! A crime thriller based on actual events! To order your copy, go to http://www.urbanedgepublishing.com

Featured Characters Of ‘Unconscionable’

http://www.facebook.com/100012320914673/posts/1401276510293033/ A few of the interesting characters featured in my latest novel, “Unconscionable.” A page turning crime thriller. Pre-order your copy now by going to http://www.urbanedgepublishing.com .