Spring’s Sprung

Spring is a symbol of rebirth. There’s so much to look forward to–Easter, Passover, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day all occur in the warm weather months as well. Lastly, Spring brings us cheer and warmth while lifting every last one of us out of Winter’s doldrums and cold temperatures.

Mental Health Awareness Month

To me, mental health is just as important as physical health–if not more vital. Sometimes, to those of us affected, they effect each other, but the preconceived notions and underlying stigmas associated with it can easily influence those diagnosed to suffer in silence.

Here’s To Men’s Health

Ignoring your health, or toughing out pain and discomfort is not the true measure of a man–a real man is always concerned about their health, and always takes it seriously. As men, it’s on us to make the choice of a healthy lifestyle!

Final Justice

In October of 1983, Mr. Coggins’s mangled, tortured, & ernearly unrecognizable body was found in an open field near some power lines in Griffin. With more than thirty stab wounds to his body, he was then chained to the back of a pickup truck and dragged behind it. When the sheriff’s department and the GBI received a tip about some key evidence last year, Franklin Gebhardt and William Moore Sr. were arrested and charged with murder.

Smart Technology: Help Or Hindrance?

While these amazing technological strides have no doubt helped more than they have harmed, if we’re not careful, they’ll easily distract us and distort our reality, our focus, and things like human touch and face to face interaction. Blocks of time and pieces of life will be lost to and controlled by our smart devices. Let’s make a commitment to be smarter and to do better.


Focusing on gratitude instead of lack creates a subtle shift in your thought process that removes negativity. With dedicated practice, everywhere you turn and every thought you think will be about something you’re grateful for. Appreciate everything–bemoan nothing. Before long, expressing gratitude for all things, large or small, will become a daily habit and a new way of living and seeing the world.

‘Tis The Season…

Peace on earth and goodwill to our fellow man, woman, boy, and girl shouldn’t solely be for the holiday season, but everyday and in every season: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Be joyous spreading daily cheer, warmth, and love!

Refuse The Excuse(s)

In order to make positive change in our lives, we must first be open to it. Fear and doubt should never be a part of your mindset. Choose faithfulness and fearlessness instead of a faithless and fearful life.