Senseless Violence

Sadly, violence and murder continue to spike against African-Americans. Despite the well intentions and peaceful positivity of the Black Lives Matter movement, its narrative is usually unfairly skewed as a contest among races. To some, Black Lives Matter means speaking out and protesting against police brutality, injustice, and systematic racism. The Black Lives Matter movement in no way places the lives of black and brown people above others. It simply means all lives can’t matter and be equal until black and brown lives are valued as equally as white lives.

Change doesn’t come without a struggle and must be accompanied with harsher laws and penalties. Hearts and attitudes must change also. Yes, black on black crime is egregious and must be halted but it shouldn’t deter or distract from BLM’s efforts for equality. Truth be told, there’s white on white crime and crime among the other races as well that continue to rise.

Agreeably, when innocent children of any race are slain, it strikes an extremely painful chord in the hearts and spirits of us all–or at least it should. No parent of any race should lose their child to violence and not receive the justice they so richly deserve. The guilty party should be punished to the fullest extent of the law and the sentences and laws regarding it should be tougher. Fighting for justice and equality for everyone should be the end goal of this entire nation.

All lives can’t matter until black lives matter equally with police reform and equality for all.

Collectively, we have to be on the same page with bringing the attitude of racism, prejudice, and systematic, senseless violence to an end. Coming and working together will make our world better.

Published by Author - Charles R. Butts Jr.

Entertaining and provoking thought within his readers are the main hopes former U.S. Army soldier & thirty-three year U.S. Postal Service employee Charles R. Butts Jr. has when it comes to the creation and release of his work. When he’s not reading or writing, Charles enjoys spending time with Shawanda, his wife of twenty-five years, his children Amber and Trey, and his grandchildren. He recognizes Langston Hughes, Walter Mosley, and James Baldwin as highly notable influences in the literary world.

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