Where’s The Time?

Do you ever reminisce about a particular moment or event from your past? Do you ever wish you could go back in time and change an unpleasant memory or make a wonderful one more memorable? If we’re honest with ourselves, I believe we’ve all done so at some point or time in our lives. Personally, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve thought, “If I knew back then what I know now,” I’m sure I’d be a millionaire many times over.

The truth is we can never go back and change anything in our past. Neither can we turn back the hands of time. Everything that’s happened in our past is meant to stay there – unchanged. That moment’s experience and purpose has been served. Whether it’s something that happened twenty years ago or a week ago, it’s gone forever. Fortunately though, we can learn much from our past experiences. Some of our greatest life lessons were discovered and experienced through failing.

Time is meant to be lived right now in the present. Yesterday’s past is no more and tomorrow’s future is still yet to be determined. Every new morning gifts us with a blank canvas to design and create our lives however we choose. Focus on being your best self possible while remaining in the present. Should an unpleasant situation from your past again find you in the present, carefully examine it and make a choice different from the one you made in your past.

There aren’t really any real losses in life. Whether we win or lose, we gain life experience. Don’t allow any storm clouds of past negativity to hinder your bright present. Time waits on no one, and change is the only constant so always be willing to change with it. Focus your energy and thoughts on being the best version of yourself and creating the best life possible right now while you still have time!

Published by Author - Charles R. Butts Jr.

Entertaining and provoking thought within his readers are the main hopes former U.S. Army soldier & thirty-three year U.S. Postal Service employee Charles R. Butts Jr. has when it comes to the creation and release of his work. When he’s not reading or writing, Charles enjoys spending time with Shawanda, his wife of twenty-five years, his children Amber and Trey, and his grandchildren. He recognizes Langston Hughes, Walter Mosley, and James Baldwin as highly notable influences in the literary world.

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