For Only A Season – There’s no place like Greensboro, AL – (FREE Chapter 2 Excerpt)

Free book excerpt (Chapter 2) from ‘For Only A Season’ by Charles R. Butts Jr.

For Only A Season – In The Greenhouse With Uncle Clem – (FREE Chapter 4 Excerpt)

Free book excerpt (Chapter 4) from Author Charles R. Butts Jr.’s novel, ‘For Only A Season’.

For Only A Season | Christian Fiction Novel | – Press Release

For Only A Season is Author Charles R. Butts Jr.’s story about love and the long road back from loss. It’s a story about the weight of responsibility we carry from our ancestors, and the honor such weight can bring. It’s a story about the seasons of our mortal lives and our eternal journey as immortal spirits, destined to learn, grow and ultimately return to God.